Black Inclusion Week, will

Make us stronger as one community

We want to support understanding, care and support for each other as we rebuild our strength. We know that together we will heal, so we can rise.

Create a commitment towards change

Encourage everyone to join us by being the change and working to eradicate racism and foster Black inclusion

Be a celebration of Black people in the UK

Amplify the voices of Black people across the UK. Celebrate the achievements and impact that we have had and continue to have in Britain.

Empower all and facilitate action

Increase education and raise awareness through tools and resources to enable individuals and organisations to make tangible progress towards Black inclusion

Connect us through collaboration

Partner and collaborate with individuals, organisations, communities and allies who are ready for and committed to change.

Black Inclusion Week, because

The world must not forget the challenges that Black people face.

There is a desire to understand, learn and change in so many.

We need prolonged focus to build momentum and make changes that will make a difference.

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